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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by bpc View Post
Rousey's nasty looking mole throws me off. Tate is way hotter and much more bearable to listen to speak. I'm looking forward to the girl that splits Rhonda's head open with a knee or elbow. Hopefully it's Cat.
Cat Zingano has the toughness and striking for sure. But the ONLY way to beat Rousey is to keep it standing up. Rousey has terrible standing defense. But her clinched defense and ground defense are stellar. Rousey is also super strong for a chic. Cat would HAVE to keep it standing up. No ground and pound, Rousey just won't let that happen. But Cat beat Tate and Tate just went 3 rounds with Rousey so who knows. I can't wait to see that fight. Not sure how far along Cat is with her recovery but she should be ready to go in a few months I would think.
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