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Von Miller

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
No it is not. It's a respect thing, not a being nice thing. It comes from the same thing that martial artists have been doing for hundreds of years, when the bow to their opponent before a match. They could hate each other and their families but they still bow out of respect for the fight. And Ronda takes that **** to literal anyway. Tate was playing around and being jokeful and having fun when she did those things. Ronda makes everything life and death. Give it a rest lady damn.
First Ronda did bow to meisha. Second Ronda "hate" I believe was genuine. It wasn't like the fake a$$ $h!t that sonnen pushes. Third, respect is earned! You wouldn't expect for you to walk into a ring with Cain valasquez and get respect from him. In the eyes of Ronda Tate lost respect because of things said and done by Tate before and during the Ultimate fighter. You should know women in general are sensitive to that BS.
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