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Originally Posted by txtebow View Post
You say you love the USA...but in the same breath, you support the political movement that seeks to destroy the cultural icon known as Santa Claus by making him a penguin.

The attack on the Santa Claus of European origin is merely symbolic of a greater attack on the people and culture that created the Greatest nation of the 20th Century; the USofA.

So you say you love the USA, but your support for leftist policies tell a completely different story. After all, would you go to Japan and attempt to marginalize their rich traditions? You don't truly believe in American Greatness or you wouldn't support the leftist policies that you do....
You say that "European culture" (whatever that means) created the USA. You are wrong. "American culture", such as it is, is made up of many different cultures, including that which YOU hate so much: African culture. In fact, it could be argued that American culture was literally built on the backs of Africans, Native Americans, Chinese and Hispanics.

Just what is "European culture"? Please. Define it. In fact, better yet, go to Germany and ask someone what European culture is. Then go to England and ask the same question. Then Ireland. Then Italy. Then France. Then Spain. Then Norway. Then the Netherlands. And on, and on, and on.

You also still fail to understand the point of the original article, as well as the origins of that fat bearded a-hole you love so much. So here it is, once again:

"Santa Claus" does not equal St. Nicholas. That is a fact. Santa Claus does not exist. Also a fact. Santa Claus is a figure invented to sell product. Fact. He is made up of the mythos from no fewer than six different and unrelated figures, including Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Odin and several Germanic gods. Fact. And further, just to get you to really understand...if Santa Claus were based entirely on Saint Nicholas, why don't we celebrate Christmas on December 6th?

The point of the article is this...if a fake figure can be made up of a bunch of different ideas and change drastically over the years, there is absolutely no reason he can't be altered further, other than a purely resentful refusal to change with the times by the conservative "movement" (ironic turn of phrase there, since conservatives refuse to budge).
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