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Brendan Langley

Couple guys high on my list... Rob Van Noy, Deone Buccanon, and Cyril Richardson. All should be lat 1st/early 2nd rd picks. I think Van Noy could play MLB and protects us should we lose Von in a few seasons. I want him move around and no lie, he looks like Seau to me. Very fluid athlete with him at MLB, Miller at SAM, Trevathan at Will, we would have one of the most athletic, dynamic LB groups in the league.

Buccanon is a Baller that can step in day 1 and play safety in the nfl. He's big enough to impact the run defense and he has great ball skills. He's exactly what we need and don't have at the position currently.

Cyril is a beast. Big boy and can move. Cut from the same cloth as the SF OG's. Earth movers with strong hands, pass blocking and can root out DT's in the run game. I could see us cutting Beadles loose, moving Vasquez to LG, and pushing Clark to RT, Franklin to RG. If we decide to keep Clark as a super sub, we could draft Cyril, start him at right guard and let him grow into a RT or stay there if we let Franklin go in two seasons.
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