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Originally Posted by SleepingTiger View Post
my point is not what the law says or the constitution, but more about common courtesy. I'm sure transgender having been using the opposite sex bathrooms for years and this was a non issue. Then some idiot ruined probably paraded it to some woman in a bathroom. now a law has to be passed. but instead of solving anything, it just opens up for more laws and regulations and a waste of tax dollars.

does this law apply to locker rooms? i can't imagine if it does as it will present a whole new set up problems.
You mean it was a non issue for non-transgendered people. Just like using colored restrooms was a non issue until some uppity black folk wanted to stir the pot in the name of "equality". The nerve of some people!

My point here is that conservatives are all up in arms over this, when in reality there is nothing wrong with it. There's really no reason in the first place to have separate bathrooms, other than the whole "well that's just the way we've always done it (in recent history)" argument, which never really holds much water when you put it up to a legality debate.

Am I arguing that we should get rid of gender specific bathrooms? No. Am I saying they're kind of a dumb idea in the first place considering there's nothing that goes on in there that doesn't go on in unisex bathrooms? Yes. Am I saying it is petty to get all upset that *gasp* someone of what you perceive to be the opposite sex might be pooping in the stall next to you? **** yes.
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