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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Mr

I ran over my neighbor

Ahh the Dead Milkmen...I seen them so many times in the 80's & early 90's that they remain to this day the band I've seen the most (although The Pietasters are quickly catching up to them in that dept.). They were some of the funnest and funniest shows I was ever at. My fave had to be when they were on the tour promoting Soul Rotation and played in front of this massive picture of Pat I really have to tell you the fate of that picture??

This is a good overview of the output for newbies....I know a lot of fans really cite Big Lizard In My Backyard as the best of the lot, but for my money, I'd rather have Bucky Fellini or Beelzebubba if I had to choose one.....I miss them a lot.
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