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Originally Posted by Jason in LA View Post
Well I got threw the first two pages of this thread, and it reminded me of why I do not come to this section of the OM, and this is probably only the second time I've posted in this section. I'm telling myself that I shouldn't post here, because this debate will be extremely frustrating.

When I first heard reports of the knockout game, my impression, from the videos that I saw, was that it was not attached to a race. That dumbass kids of different races were involved in this. They should all be put in jail because they are a menace to society. Law abiding citizens should be protected against people doing stuff like that.

Reading the first couple pages of this thread, it looks like a race debate broke out, and this game is being blamed on black people. Again, my impression was that it was being played by young thugs of all races.

Seems like when dog fighting was a huge topic because of the Michael Vick case. People started to think that dog fighting was a black thing, but it turns out that it is a cruel sport played by all races.

Not ALL black people but rather the poor inner city BLACK culture that is devoid of parents, turns schools into places where learning is a distant second to safety and where after over 40 years of this cultural "baby-mama" behavior is finally beginning to take a terrible toll on our entire nation.

This criminal behavior isn't being driven from white hillbilly trash in the mountains of Appalachia...this behavior is being echoed through many metropolitan areas where poor BLACK culture pervades....

Having grown up in a VERY multicultural environment in the Mid-Atlantic, I am not foolish enough to believe that this behavior is indicative of ALL black people; but it IS a product almost EXLCUSIVE to inner city black youth. and that is entirely the reason why the US Media was largely too cowardly to cover these crimes legitimately....
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