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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Because men aren't the ones that are the victims of nearly all stranger sex crimes and have to worry about cameras being installed and so forth. Men are also accustomed to pissing in public already.

Want to yank out a bloody tampon and pop a fresh one in in front of an audience?
Which would be more effective at stopping all of those sex crimes that happen in bathrooms (because, you know, if it saves ONE person...): making sure that boys and girls go in separate bathrooms, or installing security cameras?

Why not take it to the next level? You know. For women's safety.

Cut was talking about a unique situation. I'm pretty sure most bathrooms have doors on the stalls.

Quit your caterwauling, conservatives. You're not going to get cooties from going to the bathroom in the same room as someone of the opposite sex. It's been done for thousands of years.

Besides...fiscally conservative people like yourselves should be all about cutting costs. Using only one type of bathroom would be a boon for school districts nationwide.

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