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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
damn,you're an idiot.

1. teabagging is a sexual act done by both heterosexuals and homosexuals. of course being the BIGOT that you are you equate it with being gay.
Derivation of the term "teabagger" according to Liberal Spokeswoman Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow on Friday played a video of a man in underwear banging his genitals against another man's forehead in a gay bar. This was done to explain to her MSNBC audience the derivation of the term "teabagger". According to Maddow, "This is where "teabag" comes from. This is a clip from a 1998 film by John Waters that`s called 'Pecker.'"
As the dancer in the fictional gay bar squats to bang his genitals against a customer's forehead, the emcee played by Martha Plimpton says, "Hey, Larry, no teabagging. You know the rules. No balls on foreheads."
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