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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
Yeah, minority conservatives never hear any of that from liberals. I have seen it in many forums around the internet. Condi Rice was portrayed as a monkey in a cartoon by a liberal in newspapers, but where was the outrage? None since she belongs to the "wrong party." Face it, racism is all about politics. I bet you think black republicans are "sell outs" and willing to turn away when they get racist remarks and pretend they didn't happen. In fact, I doubt any liberal around here would ever admit that they have seen their fellow clan members make such remarks since that would require honesty. Plus, I notice how you use "teabaggers" yet I'm sure you claim to worry about gays, yet mock those with a gay slur. Yeah, the gay community needs people like you "supporting" them while you laugh behind their backs and obviously don't respect them. This is why I have no respect for liberals. Just a bunch of lying, hypocritical creeps.
damn,you're an idiot.

1. teabagging is a sexual act done by both heterosexuals and homosexuals. of course being the BIGOT that you are you equate it with being gay.
2. you're projecting, pushing the common beliefs of conservatives,rethugs and liberatarians onto liberals cause you can't defend it.
3. living in the south, I hear it all. and guess what!? racist/ignorant **** like that gets spewed by conservatives. come to think of it, I lived in the north as well and guess what!? racist/ignorant **** like that still only gets spewed by conservatives.

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