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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
funny,I have yet to hear a liberal use the word ****** or N***** for that matter. I've heard a lot of conservatives,liberatarians and your typical teabaggers use it. I could be wrong,the day may come when a liberal or liberals start spewing **** like that.
Yeah, minority conservatives never hear any of that from liberals. I have seen it in many forums around the internet. Condi Rice was portrayed as a monkey in a cartoon by a liberal in newspapers, but where was the outrage? None since she belongs to the "wrong party." Face it, racism is all about politics. I bet you think black republicans are "sell outs" and willing to turn away when they get racist remarks and pretend they didn't happen. In fact, I doubt any liberal around here would ever admit that they have seen their fellow clan members make such remarks since that would require honesty. Plus, I notice how you use "teabaggers" yet I'm sure you claim to worry about gays, yet mock those with a gay slur. Yeah, the gay community needs people like you "supporting" them while you laugh behind their backs and obviously don't respect them. This is why I have no respect for liberals. Just a bunch of lying, hypocritical creeps.

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