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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
I guess liberals always feel the need to fool themselves into thinking they care so much about homosexuals and their rights. But they are the ones when they don't like someone or like what someone else believes in a subject, resort to using gay names and slurs as a way to demean them. So while they like to think they are on the side of gays, they certainly don't respect them or really believe being gay is "normal" or else they wouldn't do such things. Look at these forums over the last few years and even around the country how straight liberals use gay slurs to attack others. Gee, with "friends" like that....
funny,I have yet to hear a liberal use the word ****** or N***** for that matter. I've heard a lot of conservatives,liberatarians and your typical teabaggers use it. I could be wrong,the day may come when a liberal or liberals start spewing **** like that.
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