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Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
I don't know what Zionist personally means to Gaff, but playing the antisemitism card every time somebody attacks Israel is lazy. It's like playing the race card when people attack Obama. I've never seen anybody here (except maybe txtebow) criticize Obama's race, and I've never seen Gaff make antisemitic statements when he's attacking Zionism. I may be wrong because I haven't read every post. Please feel free to post any of his comments that attack Judaism. It's hard for some people to tell the difference between opposition to Zionism and antisemitism.
When was the last time you saw gaffe criticize any of the actors in the ME besides Israel?

When was the last time you saw gaffe criticize any of the loathsome regimes on the planet besides what he thinks is the worst, Israel, and, its puppet, the US?

In gaffe-land, Israel is the core of evil on the planet.

Do I think Israel is always right? Hell no. Israel can stand on its own - it doesn't need any of our help any more. Do AIPAC and like groups have too much influence in the US? Yes, I think they do.

Doesn't mean Jews/Zionists/Israel run the world, or run the US, as gaffe insinuates but isn't willing to admit.
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