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Von Miller

Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
Time to confess.

I ran 13 fantasy squads this year: 6 in and 7 in ESPN. (These were all 10 and 12 team leagues.)

10 of my 13 teams made the championship bracket (final four). One of those (in a 12-team league) earned a first round bye and plays in the semi-final this week.

The other nine completed their semi-finals. Seven of them have advanced to the Championship game.

That's probably not exceptional, but it was interesting and helped knock off the rust after being completely out of FF for the last several years.
That's too many. I think 3 is my maximum of "actual give a ****" leagues. The 4th was just badass free league I did with some friends, I've skull****ed them all season in it too lol, little to no lineup changes.
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