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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
And Thibs hates the FO as well.
No, Thibs hates Gar Forman. He has no issue with Paxson.
Conversely Vinny Del Negro has the issue with Paxson.

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
I must admit I was nervous after we lost Harden, but I am so impressed with Presti and his talent evaluation. I have a feeling that Reggie Jackson might be in James Harden's position in a couple of years and we might lose him too.

Thunder will win a championship at some point, whether it be now or in a few years when LeBron slows down.
For me, I never thought that Harden in his former role was going to determine whether OKC won a title or not. It has always been about getting a legit C who can help out Ibaka in the paint and score 10-13 pts on a consistent basis.
That is why I never understood the trade of Green for Perkins. Yes they had scoring but he is so limited on offense that he needed to be on a team like the Celtics to where he was hidden and acted as a enforcer.
If they can develop Adams, it is going to be ugly for other teams.
People forget that the Heat have maybe 2 more years together as a whole before Bosh or James has to go unless they all take pay cuts(Which LeBron isn't going to do based upon his previous comments about being underpaid for his talent level.)
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