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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Why don't you and TheRev seriously consider: Are your points based on Manning wearing orange now? And your dislike of Brady personally (a dislike I more than share)?

Saddest part of your argument in my opinion is heaping credit for the 1st Super Bowl on Adam Vinateri. My friend, Senor Brady (as his in-laws call him) engineered a truly spectacular game winning drive. 3 of 4 kickers would've made that kick ... 1 in ump-teen QBs would've given him the opportunity. John Madden was squawkin' the whole way, "BAM! Play for OT! BAM! Play for OT!"
So your going to throw out hypothets about Brady. What if Tyre doesn't make that catch. Well we can do the same for Manning and it's much more powerful. What if Polian didn't strike out so much on draft picks, what if the Colts fielded a real team around Manning, what if Polian didn't miss manage the cap, what if Peyton had a real defense, what if in the multiple playoff games they lost their drunk idiot kicker was no other than mr. Clutch Vinateri, what if there was a defense capable of stopping the run so Peyton wasn't sidelined as much, what if Hank Basket recovers the on-side kick, what if Garçon doesn't drop the ball before half and Indy goes up 3 scores, what if our expectations of Peyton are so high, it diminishes what he actually does, what if in the playoffs against the better teams in the league he himself cannot fully mask the defencies of the team, what if he played his career in New England and Brady in Indy, what if, what if, what if...

You will not convince me that Brady makes Bellicheat.

Let's talk about playoff wins and numbers. Since Brady has 3 rings he's the GOAT? So you judge on SB wins? Well it should be Montana and Bradshaw a perfect 4-0. And you want to talk about hot starts early in a career, Joe Flacco has the best playoff record of any QB the first 5 years of his career, he has a ring too so he's better than Peyton right?
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