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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Inkana7 View Post
I think it's really cool that this dude can spam every thread, even ones made 11 months ago, with the same bull**** and not get banned. This is a well moderated forum, and I enjoy the fact that a 65 year old man with an obsession for one player gets to turn every thread into the same one.
I am sorry I linked this thread in another related thread yesterday (bargain team thread that had a few of our players). While I know his tendencies, I didn't expect Luigi to take everything good on what Elway has done for the franchise and make it about Champ Bailey. It is getting ****ing old with this asshat. A poster I have met, was nice and no issues with at the Forums (when I go there). Now, he is a typical bitter old man fighting his cause to no end to make sure everyone knows where he stands. We get it. A pathetic poster and probably either enjoys having no friends or finds excuses why others aren't as inviting as he is.
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