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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by CHEF LUIGI View Post
I honestly dont get all the champ love.
selfish has-been, jmho.
but then I met him before he ever played a game for the broncos and never looked at him with OTGs hiding reality from my opinion / perspective.
he has been the unquestioned best corner on our team...
so opposing QBs just threw the ball someplace else ! he did NOT always taske the opponents best receiver 1 on 1, the majority of the time he just lined up on his side of the field and let the opponent dictate who he would cover.
His last pro-bowl selection is about as legitimate as john lynch's selection.
sorry, I just see champ for what he is, NOT for what the zealots invision him as being.
Do you wake up every single morning thinking of new ways to talk about champ bailey? No one gives a **** and no one here expects that much out of him.
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