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Originally Posted by txtebow View Post
"Born to wealthy parents Nicholas/Nikolaos was brought up in Myra, Lycia which is now Demre in modern-day Turkey but at that time was under Greek Christian influence. He later became bishop of Myra and that is as far as reliable history goes."

In bold for you, you self hating, illiterate troll..........Cue all of the " Santa wasn't white, he was likely BROWN cuz he was born in TURKEY!"

You're all bent out of shape over a Coke ad. Stop acting like a troll, and accept the fact that (a) Santa Clause is a composite figure who never existed as a jolly white man in a fat suit and (b), you're a race obsessed asshat and like all racists, you're an epic idiot.

Now piss off and have a Merry Christmas. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Like America itself, the jolly figure we call Santa Claus is a melting pot of cultures, blending elements of folklore with the fantastical.
By the late 1800s, most depictions of Santa Claus followed this imagery, but the final cog in the Claus legend was provided by Coca-Cola ad
illustrator Haddon Sundblom, whose 1930s red-suited Santa, complete with white-fur trim and leather boots, became the iconic standard recognizable today.
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