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Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
Looks like txtebow's hero is still enjoying his 15 minutes...

Zippy Painting now at $99K $110K Hitler was a painter, too - same for Der Monkey

"Liberty and justice for all white people."


After the most recent charges against George Zimmerman were dropped, he announced he was broke and put a "George Zimmerman original painting" for sale on eBay.

As of this morning, the highest bid for this piece of dreadful history is up to
$99, 996.

Looking at the bid history, many of the highest bidders appear to be first-time bidders or newly created accounts. Let's hope that is a sign these are fake bids and nobody would actually be foolish enough to pay $100,000 for a painting by a murderer who got off.

I can see Republicans and Teabaggers wanting to give their racist hero more money.

After all, he did what a lot of them would like to do - he shot and killed an unarmed n____r.
What a self hating COWARD you are LA...... "Liberty and justice for all white people."
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