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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
If you ask me, one of the reasons why the healthcare system has major flaws is that MANY doctors are in this for the big money. I've had several doctors in the past 5 years and 4 of them were so bad, when I walked into the office and when they came into the room, their first comment was, Hi - need a prescription for anything? You could be a healthy 25 year old with no previous surgeries or any medical condition, walk in a say you're not feeling well, they tell you that you have a cold, but we want to follow up with you in a week. They just want to push visits and prescriptions to the max. Insurance companies then have to charge more because the visits and prescriptions are WAY OUT OF CONTROL. And not to mention hospital bills. You can't tell me it's not price gouging when a 20 minute MRI costs $10,000. Americans are so stupid they defend all this and say, yeah, but we have the best healthcare available in the world. I lay most of the blame on Hospitals, clinics and doctors. They charge way too much and they give out too much care that's not even needed.
You're on the right track with your narrative, but the doctors, clinics and hospitals are just minor players.

The major players in this swindle are the drug companies, the insurance industry, and, ultimately, Wall Street.
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