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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
John Elway Playoff Record: 14 wins, 7 losses
Peyton Manning Playoff Record: 9 wins, 11 losses

Against the Ravens in the Broncos playoff loss, Peyton Manning had 2 INT's (one of them a pick 6), and a fumble. All 3 of Manning's turnovers were in Denver territory, and the last INT ended the game. Did Manning play pretty well in that game? Yes. Was he great? No.

I know this doesn't fit your narrative. I know your mythic perception of Manning is deduced from gaudy numbers, and NFL regular season records. I do think Manning is the best ever at hitting the open man in less than 3 seconds. He's a great QB, one of the best of all time.

If Manning lost in the 1st round of the playoffs this year, and retired. Do you think he would generally be regarded as better than Elway? I don't.

I hope Peyton Manning can become the undisputed best QB of all time while winning a Superbowl for the Broncos. Come back to me when Peyton Manning wins a couple playoff game here in Denver. Until then, I'm going with Elway.
While I think Manning's playoff record is a bit skewed because of the teams he played for (you bring up last year, but that game should been over with his rating 100+), i'd probably take Johnny in the big game regardless. But lets not forget, Elway wasnt always amazing in the playoffs either. Hell, super bowl 32 was a stinker!
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