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Originally Posted by errand View Post

Just pointing out that Jetmeck calling people who disagree with him a-holes and patting himself on the back because like minded people agreed with him in this thread is straight out of your playbook.

It's a click like high school especially very few of you are far out of high school. Its a popularity contest.

Rather be right than feel like I gotta fit in. Like being an outsider.

This team has major issues, only thing making them even remotely
acceptable is the fact that other teams are also screwed up.

I was right in 05 and right last year..........hope for the best but it don't change the facts at all.

Just cause your little third grade click don't like the truth I will keep bringing it..............

Bashed me in o5 and last year...........least I am honest about our team.

For you personally you know exactly what I think of you.

But I don't feel the need to run around in every thread telling your dumbass..............thats the difference.
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