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Originally Posted by randerson1184 View Post
The '97 receivers were better blockers, but the '13 receivers are better route runners. Like I say, I find it pretty tricky to compare the 2 offenses.

I'm not touching the Elway-Manning debate. I'm just glad we've had both QB's on our roster
When people talk about Smith/McCaffrey vs. Thomas/Decker, people say that Smith and McCaffrey were better blockers. That is true, but to me it goes beyond that. They were better receivers too. Now if we're talking about Smith and McCaffrey in '97, and not their overall careers, then Thomas/Decker have an argument. Like it was pointed out earlier, '97 was Smith's first year as a starter. He really developed into a very good receiver after that, and better than anything that Thomas and Decker have been.

When it comes to route running, McCaffrey was one of the best route runners that I have ever seen. That, along with a tall frame and great hands, made him a very good receiver.
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