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DeMarcus Ware

'97 Corners < '13 Corners

'97 Safeties > '13 Safeties (not even close)

'97 D. Tackles < '13 D. Tackles (assuming a healthy Vickerson)

'97 D. Ends > '13 D. Ends

Mobley > Woodyard (barely...both are solid)

Trevethan > Romonawski

Von's probably a better pass rusher than any member of the '97 D.

Offense is a whole different discussion. Both are/were great, but are vastly different. The only obvious talent differential is with Vasquez over Habib, IMO.

Shannon Sharpe's ability as a receiver would create mis-matches in coverage or get the defense to play nickel (in which case, the '97 Broncos would pummel the opposing defense in the trenches). The '97 receivers were better blockers, but the '13 receivers are better route runners. Like I say, I find it pretty tricky to compare the 2 offenses.

I'm not touching the Elway-Manning debate. I'm just glad we've had both QB's on our roster
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