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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I love Elway, but if Peyton sets all those records this year? C'mon. He's having an incredible season. Elway completed like 55 percent of his passes that year.

Louis Vazquez over Brian Habib.

DRC is better than both our corners from that season, and is there anything special about Allen Aldrige? Probably not.
Best analysis yet, rep. I'm a huge Vasquez fan, can't believe I missed him ... but then realized for some reason I was comparing the 2012 team.

I didn't think anybody would actually debate Elway vs. Manning ... you're chasing your tail there. It's like debating Batman vs. Spiderman or Dr. Manhattan vs. The Silver Surfer, there is no answer.

Must disagree on DRC however. He might be comparable to Ray Crockett - even though Shannon Sharpe says his brother Sterling thought Crockett was about the best he faced, and was glad we signed him out of the NFC North. No, I've always felt Darrien Gordon was a very important and productive cog for those teams, maybe most underrated player. Had a special period of service - signed a two-year deal before the '97 season, started all 39 games those two years, then left. He finished 1997 with 2 sacks and 4 interceptions, one for a TD ... was 2nd in the league in punt returns, including 3 TDs.*


* Just learned: NFL all-time career leader in punt ret avg through 2012 ... Click here.
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