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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I dunno if I agree. 97 was Rod Smith's first year as a starter. If the choices are 97 Rod Smith or 2013 Demaryius Thomas, i think its a toss up. Honestly, same probably goes for Deck and McCaffery.

Also, I love Elway, but if Peyton sets all those records this year? C'mon. He's having an incredible season. Elway completed like 55 percent of his passes that year.

Louis Vazquez over Brian Habib.

We don't play with a fullback, but we have a Welker, which the 97 team didn't have.

On D, I'll take Von ... Knighton and Traylor are probably washes, Vickerson probably better than Lodish. DRC is better than both our corners from that season, and is there anything special about Allen Aldrige? Probably not.
Well, this is kind of an apples and oranges debate. If we really want to split hairs, are we playing under the '97 rules, or the current rules? Is this Shanahan's offense, which had great balance, and at times would be run heavy, or is this the current Broncos offense, which is pass heavy (unless it's 30 degrees...sorry, I couldn't resist ).

If we're talking about who would start on the '97 team, I'll take pretty much everybody on the '97 roster. If we're talking about who would start on the '13 team, well, now we have a debate. Like you mentioned, this team doesn't play with a FB. So does that mean that Griffith is out of the game, or are we changing the offense to include him? TD was a pretty good receiver out of the backfield, but Moreno has come up big. Are we really going to start Moreno over TD? That's just crazy, but this Broncos team isn't run heavy.

And you made a really good point. If we're talking about Rod Smith in '97, maybe you take Thomas. If we talking about Rod Smith when he hit the peak of his career, and was very good for a long time, I'd take Smith in a heartbeat.

As interesting of a debate as this is, it is pretty flawed.

With that being said, '97 and '98 Broncos kills this Broncos team! If this Broncos team wins the Super Bowl, then I'll be more than happy to entertain that argument.

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