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Originally Posted by BMORE View Post
The 2013 offense is number one in almost every stastical category.. And many of which are all time records..
That is true, and I'd still have a hard time taking any of these guys over the guys on the '97 offense.

The rules are different, which leads to these crazy numbers. The passing TD record stood for over 20 years and nobody even threatened it. Now it's going to be broken for a second time in about 6 or so years. The points record will also be broken again in that same time period.

To an extent, it is comparing apples to oranges because of the way the game is called now. But I'd still have a hard time taking any of these guys over the '97 guys. An argument can be made that the current offensive players are doing so well because they have one of the best QBs ever who is playing at a time where the rules are totally geared toward QBs. Take Manning off of this team and we're not talking about this. As great as Manning has been this year, I'd still take an old Elway over him.
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