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Originally Posted by Jason in LA View Post
It's a trip, this current Broncos team is probably going to break the points record for a single season, and they have a quarterback who is probably going to set the record for the most passing yards and TDs in a season, but I'd have a hard time taking anybody on this current offense over anybody from the '97 offense.

With the rules totally geared towards the offense today, it's not shocking that long standing records are being broken repeatedly.
I dunno if I agree. 97 was Rod Smith's first year as a starter. If the choices are 97 Rod Smith or 2013 Demaryius Thomas, i think its a toss up. Honestly, same probably goes for Deck and McCaffery.

Also, I love Elway, but if Peyton sets all those records this year? C'mon. He's having an incredible season. Elway completed like 55 percent of his passes that year.

Louis Vazquez over Brian Habib.

We don't play with a fullback, but we have a Welker, which the 97 team didn't have.

On D, I'll take Von ... Knighton and Traylor are probably washes, Vickerson probably better than Lodish. DRC is better than both our corners from that season, and is there anything special about Allen Aldrige? Probably not.
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