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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
In today's radio drama:

-reports that a lot of org people hate shanahan; apparently Kyle gets preferential treatment
-reports that Kyle is actually the head coach, b****es about everything and everyone hates him
-Kyle got an extension after last season paying him $1.5m per year through 2014

Segment did paint shanahans as #nepotism
Conversations with several people within the organization have revealed a similar perception of Kyle Shanahan as someone who was empowered and enabled by his father, spending an abundance of time in his father’s office, given a wide swath of power, and rubbing many people — players, fellow coaches and members of football operations — the wrong way. …

“Kyle is the head coach, it’s just that no one knows he is,” said one member of the organization. “He gets whatever he wants. And he has no relationship at all with (quarterback Robert Griffin II). So how could it work?”

Wow. What a cluster****.
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