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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
Unrealistic expectations have made this season nearly Unenjoyable around here. Unless the broncos are perfect, they suck.

Yes the broncos aren't perfect, yes they probably won't win the Super Bowl, but enough of the bs "this team has no fire" bs. Not everything can be chalked up to poor effort

And for the people who say "at least NE fights," if we lost to Miami in the same fashion, you'd just b**** at home much Peyton sucks

Just calm the **** down
It's funny, when I watch the game I expect to roll and dominate winning by 20 plus each outing.... But you're right, were spoiled and unrealistic right now... We've lost 7 games likely in that last 33... Think a raiders, bills, Jax fan would take that kind of **** record.... In a heartbeat.

And this team has a good of chance as the other 11 come January to hoist the trophy... Again, Whoda thought the Ravens would win in Denver, then New England then a Super Bowl... You have to be kidding!!

Thank you New England... Now let's win out, rest up, pray for a miracle on Defense, and got on with our business... Shall we?
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