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Originally Posted by Archer81 View Post
When have I said that? When have I intimated that? The team has issues. Despite those issues, they are 11-3. So what exactly am I supposed to do? Tear out my hair? Give a funeral ululation? Start ****ty threads with way too many ellipsis separating my points?


Is that better? Do I need to act like the old a-hole on a porch yelling at kids on my lawn?


Am I doing it right?

Let me point out the obvious.

You don't pile on anyone being honest about the team's problems.

Unless you want to prove you were not taught anything as a child.

Especially when in this case I was right in 05 and last year.

I understand being touchy about the team but if we are what

everyone believes then we should be not be in need of help.

I sincerely hope we don't falter again but again in all honesty I

would not be surprised if we did.

PS. Don't give a chit what anyone here thinks about me personally.

This is about our team.
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