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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
Some of you need an attitude adjustment, your way overdue.

Not even going to be honest about our team problems and

then jump on someone wanting to talk.

This is nothing new here, seen it fro years but you would think

people would learn.

I pointed out 05 , barely beating PATS IN playoff.

I pointed last year, our great defense looking bad against playoff teams.

I was right both times, didn't want to be but I was.

I want to get over this hump but most of you idiots want to ignore the problems and stick your head up your ass.

You youngins need to think about this.
Man shut the **** up. You didn't point out ****. Defense looking bad against playoff teams?

Did you see the beat down Denver D gave the Ravens last year in the regular season? They pretty much scored 3 points all game until garbage time in the 4th.

did you call them doing well in the play offs? I think not.

If you were as smart as you say you are, you'd be rich off betting games in Vegas right now. But you're not. You're a ****in bum with toilet paper as an avatar.
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