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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
Again be honest and look what happened when it counted........

You are an asshat...........

How about 05, I called that and you clowns said the same.

Stick your head in the sand moron.............
What the **** do you mean "when it counted"? We are in the regular season you dumbass, not the playoffs. The season isn't over, so what do you mean "when it counted"?

Are we not the #1 ****ing seed in the AFC? Do we not have the best record in the AFC?

We beat the main threat in our division, the Chiefs, 2 times in 3 weeks. If we lost either of those games, they'd be in 1st place right now and we'd be 5th seed.

So what in the blue **** are you talking about what happened when it counted?

Did it completely slip your mind we are the #1 seed? How the **** do you come to the conclusion we don't come through when it counts when we are the #1 seed?

Take my advice and shut the **** up....seriously.
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