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Originally Posted by CHEF LUIGI View Post
anyone expressing an alternate opinion is considered a troll. If a troll is fishing for a response, peolpe who RESENT an alternate view are alway going to satisfy a troll.
The personal attacks just tell a real troll they got one on the line.

Now if you're talking about a "lives under the bridge troll" just ask them the air speed of an unlaiden swallow, that should do it.

after a loss unhappy people will vent, isnt that what most of us did?
and apposing fans will show up to gloat, very immature, but we must have members that go to opponent sites and do the same senseless immature things.
sadly, the most thin skinned easily 'trolled' members have me on ignore and are therefore beyond my reach and beyond hope.
sad, ironic and pretty darn funny actually.
That's untrue. I think, in general, people on here are open to anti-Bronco or unpopular opinion.

You are a troll because you keep posting the same **** over and over, many times in threads that are unrelated to your bull**** agenda.
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