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Originally Posted by wolf754life View Post
NFL circles are now starting to talk about John Elway and his ability to not assemble a quality defense.

I'm told it is similar to the knock on Mike Shannahan

It looks like the Del Rio hire may have been a bad one, and the lack of depth on the defense is quite literally going to cost the broncos any shot at a superbowl

He is being roundly questioned on Paris Lenon, Omar Bolden, Sylvester Williams.

Rodgers Cromartie is a still a plus, but there is lots of skepticism about his ability to build a balanced roster.
Link or it never happened. I've heard nothing about this, and Elway has done a good job. Made some good signings, made some bad signings, it's the nature of the beast. No one gets it right 100% of the time, 100% of the time. **** happens, it's just how it is.
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