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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
Jesus Christ he took over a 4-12 team and made three straight playoffs and you're nitpicking over a few moves he missed on

I know there have been a lot of people asking where would this team be without Manning. Up until recently I still thought we were a pretty good team (maybe .500 or slightly better) with a decent QB (maybe Brock is going to be worthy of the high pick invested in him).

NOW...I think we are probably worse than a .500 ball club without PFM. He is just that good and our DEF, ST and coaching has been exposed.

So, maybe it is similar to Shanahan who I among many others believe that Elway and TD made him look smarter than he was at GM/coach. It also wasn't a SB caliber team until we brought in some DEF help in Alfred Williams and Neil Smith to bring the pressure that may have helped average at best players like Tyrone Braxton play better.

Could it be that PFM is the reason Elway is so widely regarded around the league as a "great" GM? That was a masterful signing and he deserves all the kudos for bringing Peyton here. If you are going to build a Championship team you need a QB leader. But it is fair to look deeper at this roster and see all the holes on defense (at every position DL, LB, DB and S) and he rightly deserves some blame for having what appears to be a bottom 5 or 10 defense. They just aren't that good and will most likely prevent a Super Bowl victory for us.
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