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Originally Posted by wolf754life View Post
NFL circles are now starting to talk about John Elway and his ability to not assemble a quality defense.

I'm told it is similar to the knock on Mike Shannahan

It looks like the Del Rio hire may have been a bad one, and the lack of depth on the defense is quite literally going to cost the broncos any shot at a superbowl

He is being roundly questioned on Paris Lenon, Omar Bolden, Sylvester Williams.

Rodgers Cromartie is a still a plus, but there is lots of skepticism about his ability to build a balanced roster.
Bronco fans need to accept the same reality that Indy had to while Peyton was the QB. One player does not win championships in FB. When one player takes up 20 percent of the salary cap then the team has to sacrifice talent at other positions. Fivehead will win some football games for you guys, get Denver into the playoffs, and possibly win a playoff game. However, history has proven that defense wins championships while offense breaks records. I cannot remember a team that relied so much on offense that actually won a championship. The Marino led Dolphins is probably the best comparison and they fell short.
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