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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TD4HOF View Post
Woodyard hasn't been the same since his owwie, too.
Meh, can't just blame injuries. Every team has injuries. Even with all those guys healthy I still don't think we are a top flight DEF. Even when we had Vick healthy with all of our DLine together with Von we were not getting a big push and pressuring the QB all that much. Our Db's were routinely getting toasted with Champ and Rahim playing.

Out of the entire DEF...these are the only guys I care to have on this team:

DL: Philips, Vick, Pot Roast, Malik and Wolfe (backup), Sly (3rd string as rookie--he isn't ready yet) we need more here
LB: Trevathan, Woodyard (backup WLB), Von (lose some weight man)
DB: Harris (3rd/Slot) and DRC (Webster is #5 at best as a rookie--hope he gets better next year)
S: Bruton (ST ace 3rd string on depth chart), Adams is ok for a backup only and Rahim I don't like but if he's a backup and not a starter I'm ok with it.

Everyone else can go. Bring on Larentee McCray and see if Steven Johnson takes another step forward and Quinton can come back from IR.
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