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just curious are you saying its time to give up ? All year long no all of Peytons pro career people these sports jerks jump off and on his bus nothing knew they ve done it to Denver all year I guess where my confusion is coming in at is from training camp didn't Fox Elway all of em say its basically ITS SUPERBOWL OR BUST I even remember one of the players twitting he guaranteed a SuperBowl win this year so my next question is do the Denver Broncos have the heart I don't think its so much of the playing ability cause we see they can win I JUST DONT SEE HOW THEY ELWAY FOX ETC CAN SAY ALL OF THIS ABOUT THE SUPERBOWL AND REALLY NOT WIN IT ALL can anyone explain this to me cause I STILL HAVE FAITH IN EM last year I know a lot of people will disagree with me but im solely convinced that it was handed to the Ravens
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