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Originally Posted by WolfpackGuy View Post
Skins fans are split.

1/3 want Snyder gone.

1/3 want Shanahan gone.

1/6 don't care.

1/6 are waiting for their Ratbirds fan applications to be approved.
Eh,in fairness, I think 99.9% want Dan Snyder gone just due to his body of work in DC. But yes, its is pretty split between Shanny and RG3/Snyder.

Anyone who thinks Snyder isn't a meddler is drinking some Potomac River Kool-Aid. I'm not saying Shanny hasn;t done anything wrong but i'm not willing to give him more than 49% of the blame at this time.

Snyder wants to be a celeb. He wants to be Jerry Jones but at least JJ put on helmet at one point in his life. I bet JJ dont get Tom Cruise in his owners box 3-4 games a year like Danny.
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