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Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
Institutional racism still exists today. The social caste system that created slavery and segregation still stands to this day, but it's been gradually falling apart over a period of generations. Today there are less txtebows in the world as we evolve, but we still have a long ways to go.
You imbecile. This thread does nothing but point out the blatant hypocrisy of our media when it comes to reporting interracial crime. The fact that you see my stance as " racist" proves that you are a KOOL AID drinking, lockstep leftist with no ability to form a rational thought. Couple that with the fact that you still see " institutional racism" and that let's all of us know that you really haven't had enough life experience to form a valid opinion. See, that's where my knowledgeable posts come in... You may try reading them again.

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