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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post

American Renaissance. At least have the nutsack to post your link next time.

'Nuff said. His "evidence" is "common sense".

Awwww, you went to Jared!

As for inter-racial crime, the best source of general information is the large-scale FBI survey called Criminal Victimization in the United States. In 2008, the most recent year racial data were collected, the American public reported 571,117 cases of violent crime and attempted violence by blacks against “whites” (as usual, the FBI lumps Hispanics in with “whites”) and only 90,717 such crimes by “whites” against blacks. (This means that any given black was 38 times more likely to attack a “white” than the other way around—a good subject for a different article.) These acts of inter-racial violence included single- and multiple- offender crimes, and not all of them were reported to the police, but they add up to 661,888 attempted and successful crimes of interracial violence.
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