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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
Where's your outrage against 'hate crimes.' Are the facts the wrong color for your tastes?? Is the FBI in on the conspiracy too?
Here's all you need to know about the FBI hate crime stats:

DOJ report for 2012 is utterly unreliable.

The Department of Justice has just released its “hate crimes” report for 2012. As usual, it is a mix of the inexcusable, the unreliable, and the incomprehensible. To begin with the inexcusable, it still lists Hispanics as a victim category but not as a perpetrator category. Offenders can only be white, black, Indian/Eskimo, or Asian, so despite the fact that Hispanics are the second largest group in the country, as offenders they are lumped in with whites.
The report lists 42 different categories for where hate crimes took place—105 at bars or nightclubs, 72 in convenience stores, for example—but it would have us believe that not one of 53 million Hispanics committed a “hate crime.”

It is bad enough that the Justice Department treats Hispanics as whites for its reports on index crimes, thereby inflating the “white” crime rate. To fail to account for Hispanic perpetrators in what is supposed to be a report on discrimination is beyond inexcusable.


Hispanics are only the largest perpetrator category that is omitted. Homosexuals, the handicapped, Jews, Muslims, etc. are carefully classified as victims, but never as perpetrators.

As we will see, local reporting to the DOJ on “hate crimes” is so wildly inconsistent that it is not possible to take any of this information seriously, but what does this report claim to tell us?

In all of 2012 there were 6,705 bias “offenses” which had the following motivations:

Race: 3,297

Sexual orientation: 1,318

Religion: 1,166

Ethnic/national origin: 822

Disability: 102

Types of offense range from serious violence—there were 10 murders—to such things as 1,906 cases of property destruction/vandalism. Some of the finer bias motivations—and the number of incidents—were as follows:

Anti-black: 2,180

Anti-homosexual: 1,089

Anti-Jewish: 696

Anti-white: 739

Anti-Hispanic: 488

Anti-lesbian: 162

Anti-Islamic: 149

Anti-Asian: 134

Anti-American Indian/Eskimo: 109

Anti-Catholic: 79

Anti-Protestant: 34

Who are the offenders? No fewer than 30 percent are unknown, and most of those cases were anonymous graffiti and property damage. Of the known offenders, 60 percent are said to be “white,” which includes Hispanics, and 21 percent were black. There is reason to question whether the police look as hard for “hate” when whites are victims as they do when whites are perpetrators, but blacks are still considerably overrepresented as hate criminals. They are 13 percent of the population, and when the Census Bureau calls Hispanics white, it counts the white population as 78 percent. On a per capita basis, therefore, blacks were 2.1 times more likely than “whites” to be counted as hate-crime perpetrators. The Justice Department does not point this out.

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