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Originally Posted by txtebow View Post
The point of this thread is me putting the noses of houghtam, Denverbrit, etc into the carpet once again as the issues that I brought up over a year ago that were poo-poo'd for being nothing but "bigoted non sense" are FINALLY beginning to be covered by the MSM....Racism isn't a one way street TONYR
Dream on knuckledragger, this story was being reported long before you claim to have discovered it.

From my earlier post, which of course you ignored as it didn't play to your agenda.

I saw reports of the 'knockout game' last year. The idea that the 'liberal media,' ie everyone but FOX, is ignoring it simply demonstrates Barry can't ****ing read.
In fact, this nasty assault has been going on for years, as the incidents have escalated this year with 'hate crime' overtones, so has the coverage.

The UK press had been covering a variation of these assaults, happy slapping' for nearly a decade.
I'm not at all sure what your point is.
A couple of days ago.
"Knockout" is neither new nor invented in America. It first caught media eyes in London's South End in 2005, where it was called
"happy slappy." It soon spread to other parts of Europe. Now it has landed here in the U.S. of A., where under such labels as "knockout game" and
"pick 'em out and knock 'em out," it has stirred a media frenzy.

There's no question that the "knockout game" exists and that some people have been attacked. Some of the sucker punches here or abroad have been
caught on video and, of course, replayed over and over on video-hungry TV news shows.

But anecdotes don't make a trend, especially when crime data show the vast majority of victims and perpetrators of violence to be of the same race.
According to the latest annual FBI crime report, 62 percent of hate crimes in 2012 involved victims of anti-black bias, compared to 22 percent
who were victims of anti-white violence.
Back in 1989, there was the allegedly rising "wilding" craze after New York City's horrendous 1989
Central Park jogger rape case. Four black and one Hispanic juvenile were tried and convicted in that case, only to have their sentences later vacated
after another suspect was found to be the real, apparently solo rapist. No national "wilding" craze materialized, except in media that covered the case.

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