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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Going all the way back to the first post of this thread I'm trying to figure out what the point is. So, the MSM was ignoring this stuff and now they're not? Is that was we're all excited about here? Post after post linking sensationalist stories from right wing flame fanning sites claiming the MSM is ignoring these "huge stories", followed by post after post linking to MSM sites reporting these "huge stories"? Does txtebow, and those agreeing with him, even know what the point is? Surely there is one. Right?
The point of this thread is me putting the noses of houghtam, Denverbrit, etc into the carpet once again as the issues that I brought up over a year ago that were poo-poo'd for being nothing but "bigoted non sense" are FINALLY beginning to be covered by the MSM....Racism isn't a one way street TONYR
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