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Rubin Carter

Have to chime in on this one. Spent the first 21 years of my life living in metro Denver, then spent the next 12 all over the planet....just about everywhere. Follow that up with 14 years in Atlanta. My folks lived In the PNW for 16 years as well during that time. Just moved back to Denver taking a position as Rocky Mountain Regional Manager for my company. All I know is, I can't believe it took me this long to come home. It is record cold here right now, but it still beats the crap weather of Upstate NY or the Midwest with the lack of sun. Same goes for the Pac NW. There is no comparison to the humidity of either of those places or the South in the summer time. Brutal! All that said, Denver has changed significantly. Cali has moved in and changed the vibe, and not for the better. However, I am loving being back. Got to spend the first three weeks working in Telluride. Prettiest box canyon in yhe Rockies. Enjoyed the hell out of the sense of wonder the guys on my team displayed almost daily over the view. Totally understand why you Western Slopers love it. Just can't eat the scenery! Looking now for a sublet in LODO as most of our work after the first of the year will be in metro Denver and want/need to get out of the corporate hotel. If anyone knows of somethings out there, drop me a pm if you would. Also fun to get back to a place where a Jeep isn't just a vehicular statements of who you are, but a necessity to get where you want to go. Get out here and don't look back, you won't regret it. God knows the only thing I regret is that it took me soon long. Wasted time.
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