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D.J. Williams

Nice 5-1 win against the Sharks for PIT.

Geno was out with a day to day injury. Hope to get him back soon, he's been on fire. 3 more points for Sid. Really impressed with youngsters on D, Maata and also Despres. When we get Martin and Scuds back from injury, this will be a really deep and quality defense which is something we have missed for awhile. Both those guys were killing it before their injuries. Only guy on D who has played poorly this year is Letang after he got paid, lol. He seems to be very upset that his chances at being on Team Canada are being harmed by reduced PP time this year. Kris needs to kick it into high gear. Shero did not give him a full NMC so there is some flexibility if youngsters continue to play well and the other two are ready to go in a month or so.

The Flower has been great so far this year. Of course it's only the regular season but ill take what I can get at this point.
Merci Flower and Good Luck!

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