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Originally Posted by CHEF LUIGI View Post
he will cover either wright or washington, 1 on 1 with no safety help. that will be determined by which WR lines up on his side of the field. if they both line up on the same side, he will take the outer most WR 1 on 1 once again while the safety will assist in the coverage of the other WR.
DRC can be relied on 1 on 1 no safety help coverage. champ cabn not.
DRC can also play press coverage and hit a wr at the LOS, champ does not.
JDR can rely on DRCs skills and design our D around him. that is no longer true of champ! the opposing QB will most likely identify DRC and chose to not throw in his direction. he will instead actually look for CHAMP and look to throw DEEP against champ early and often !
Even if Champ were in his prime, part of what you say might come to pass (superficially) DRC is known to struggle covering the slot, so where exactly is he going to go? Champ's never really struggled there.

And if Champ's relatively healthy, you can bet on DRC receiving at least some safety help. I appreciate DRC, especially since Champ's injury, but if your gameplan depends mostly on a defense of Cromartie Island, you've already lost (defensively speaking) to most of the better passing teams in the league.
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