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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Any time I've been in Chicago during the summer it's been way too brutally hot for my taste. Maybe it was just bad luck. Or maybe there's just no good time of year to be had in Chitown.
I've been to Chicago twice. Though I like the city well enough, I did not like the weather. I was there in February and July and there was not one day on either trip that I felt comfortable outside. But I am totally adapted to the dry climates of CO, UT, AZ and NV. I'll take a 105 degree day in any of those places over a 95 degree summer day in a place like Chicago or Houston. The reverse is also true for me, if its 32 degrees with high humidity the air feels as frigid as a 0 degree day in CO. Humidity sucks, people.

I guess it is all what you're accustomed to and get your body trained for.
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